Rodney Wolfenburger, Executive Director of Brushy Fork Institute

“Two keys assets of nonprofit organizations are reputation and relationships. We leverage both in hosting our Annual Institute. The Institute is a multi-state community and leadership development conference that brings together folks from across Appalachia to learn and share with each other. The success of our event—and ultimately the reputation of our program—depends on our ability to assemble an effective roster of presenters.

We look for instructors who know the people and places we serve; who know how to effectively balance presentation with participation and guided practice; and who can effectively gauge the knowledge and needs of participants and cover the distance between with engaging activities. Emily excels in each of these areas, which is why we continue to partner with her for our annual programming.

As a session presenter, she has proven to be highly capable of holding an audience’s attention for more than 14 hours of intensive training spread across three days. Since 2013, her session has gained consistently positive reviews. And she’s always refining her content based on the feedback participants provide.

As an event adviser, she has proven to be a generous collaborator who contributes valuable ideas and approaches challenges with contagious energy and enthusiasm.

I’d recommend Emily without reservation to anyone looking to assemble their own project or programming team. It’s not uncommon that we receive an event evaluation form that claims her session was “the best ever” and she will undoubtedly make everyone around her better through her participation.”

Nathan Ramsey, Director of Mountain Area Workforce Development Board at Land of Sky Regional Council

“I have enjoyed working with Emily Breedlove on various projects.  She has the talent, knowledge, connections, and creativity to produce first-class results.  Her work always exceeds my high expectations, she never disappoints.  If Emily is on your team, you are going to win.”

Kristi Miller, Owner & President of Safety First Nursing

“It wasn’t until I met with Emily that I really believed “I can do this”. Before that I was playing around, not really sure if I could or should start my own business, full of self doubt and wondering if I should just go get a “real job”.  Emily gave me the confidence and the tools to move forward.  In addition, she continues to inspire me by providing access to a network of like-minded women who support me as I grow my business.”


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